On a Move with Mike Africa Jr.

Remembering Chuck Africa

Episode Summary

In this episode Mike Jr, and his mom and pops (Debbie & Mike Sr) remember Chuckie Africa who passed away on 09/20/21.

Episode Notes

Peace to the People! On Monday September 20th, 2021 Mike's uncle, Chuckie Africa, lost his battle with cancer. In this episode, Mike Jr, his pops Mike Sr aka Big Mike, and his mother, Chuck's sister , Debbie remember the life of a life long fighter. They reminisce about the fighting spirit that Chuck had, stories from his childhood, and how they hope he will be remembered. 

As always you can connect with Mike @mikeafricajr or send a message to @onamovepodcast


DEAFENING SILENCE   by Chuckie Africa 

Don't yall hear cries of anguish? In the climate of pain come

joining voices?

but voices become unheard and strained by in-actions

of dead brains...

how long will thou Philly soul

remain in the pit of agonizing apathy?

In difference seems to greet you like the morning mirror

look closely in the mirror and realize its a period of mourning...

my sisters, mothers, daughters, wives and warriors

languish in prisons' obscurity like a distant star in another galaxy

as does their brothers

we need to be free

How loud can your silence stay?

stand up with courage and have a say

choose resistance and let go of your fears

the history of injustice to MOVE you know so well

But your deafening silence could be my DEATH KNELL.